Inaugural Event – AMALGAMATION!

Join us on March 24th, 2015, in the Young Auditorium at Camosun College, Lansdowne Campus.

The Topic

Be it resolved that whereas the citizens of Greater Victoria have elected, through a non-binding question, to explore the concept of amalgamation, that the number of local governments in the Capital Region be reduced from the current 13 municipalities.


These speakers have


Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, PhD bio
Lesley Ewing bio spare:

Shellie Gudgeon bio


Jim McDavid, PhD bio
Tara Ney bio

Reading List

A Comparative Analysis of Municipal Government in Ontario: A Pre-Amalgamation and Post-Amalgamation View of Windsor-Essex, Ottawa, and the Greater Toronto Area, Drew Dilkens, Mayor of Windsor, Ontario, (PhD dissertation) August 2014 The Metropolitan Century: Understanding Urbanism and its Consequences. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, February 18, 2015 Key findings: Full report: Amalgamation 10 years later.  The Halifax story a decade after amalgamation; Consolidation, Amalgamation, Regionalization: When Harsh Economic Realities Impact Police Agencies, Julian Fantino, Commissioner (Retired), Ontario Provincial Police, and former Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister. Ottawa amalgamation 10 year anniversary,, January 2, 2010, reprinted The Cost of 13 Municipalities, Douglas Magazine, October 31, 2011 A Prosperous Region Needs a Vibrant Core, Elizabeth Gugl, Brad Hackinen, David Scoones, Joe Tamosiunas, Department of Economics, University of Victoria, BC, May 28, 2013 Headed for Splitsville? Dawn Chafe, Atlantic Business Magazine WHY MUNICIPAL AMALGAMATIONS? HALIFAX, TORONTO, MONTREAL. Andrew Sancton, University of Western Ontario <> Halifax man starts petition to reopen amalgamation debate. Jacqueline Foster, CTV Atlantic

Alternatives to amalgamation in Australian local government: the case of Walkerville. Brian Dollery, University of New England

Can’t Get No Satisfaction? The Association Between Community Satisfaction and Population Size for Victoria. James Drew, University of New England (Australia)

An Analysis of the New Perspective on Amalgamation in Australian Local Government. Brian Dollery, Joel Byrnes and Lin Crase, School of Economics,University of New England (Australia) and School of Business, La Trobe University

Event Location/Date/Time

Lansdowne Map

The Young Building is #18; parking in P1 is available after 5pm (parking pass is required).

Gibson Auditorium Young Building, Room 216 Camosun College, Lansdowne Campus Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 7pm-9pm


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